Coming April 2nd:

Gathered and Styled: A Comprehensive Business

and Design Course for Wedding Florists

Are you starting a wedding florist business or growing your part-time business?

Discover the secrets to building a thriving floral studio and becoming a successful designer. Build confidence in your brand of beauty, and eliminate the stress of finding clients and buying flowers.

Are you a retail florist looking to break into the event world?

Learn the exact process for landing clients and scaling your business, even if you are just starting out. Create industry relationships that pay off, and crush day-of execution, from delivery to clean up.

Are you an established wedding florist looking to up your game?

Master the latest techniques and reboot your creativity so that you never get bored designing again. Learn to create unique personal flowers and large installations with high ROI, like chuppah, arches, and floral trees.

Hi, I'm Holly!

I am the creative visionary and highly sought after floral designer behind Holly Heider Chapple Flowers. I am also an inventor, and my "egg" and "pillow" product line with Syndicate is changing the industry. But I'm most proud of my accomplishments as "the Flower Mama," a title given to me by my students. As a leader in the florist industry, I have taught floral design around the world and throughout the USA. I am known as an instructor for my practical knowledge, gained during my 26 years of wedding and event experience, and for my passion for helping my students and empowering anyone who wants to be a successful florist. Including you.

As a mother of seven who started her business in her kitchen, and as a designer who has worked high dollar weddings and in the White House, I'm excited to invite you, wherever you are in your floral journey, to enroll in our life-changing course. I want to educate everyone who wants to work in this industry, but I can only reach so many students in person. That's why I filmed Gathered and Styled, so we could learn together, wherever you are in the world.

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What Holly's students have to say:

Out of all the classes I have taken across North America, Holly's have been my absolute favorite and the most worthwhile. She showed me techniques I haven't seen in other workshops...But her business and marketing advice is what really turned my company around. She helped me focus on the importance of organizing and running the company well, and that being successful in this industry is more than just pretty flowers. Her tips and techniques for business helped me get on a better footing, allowing my company to grow stronger, and her marketing advice helped me get my brand noticed. No one has helped me grow in every aspect of this industry as much as Holly has. -- Alyssa

Holly’s investment in me has been an invaluable asset that I have added to the foundation of my business that I will continue to build upon year after year. Most importantly, I am forever grateful for the hope that was keep dreaming and to keep pressing forward. -- Angela

I have found her way of explaining topics to be clear and easy to follow. She speaks with an authority that is humble but grounded in facts backed by working in this industry for 25+ years. She’s down to earth, hilarious, and so genuine, which makes it quite easy to connect with her. -- Anna


Gathered and Styled: A Comprehensive Business and Design Course for Wedding Florists

Gathered and Styled is broken down into 16 lessons. All course materials--including 8 hours of video content and supplemental notes, checklists, and guides--are available within the online student portal.

Lesson 1: Building the Business

In this lesson, you'll discover the model for growing a profitable and long-lasting business. Become financially stable--even in lean times.


Lesson 2: Building the Team & Industry Relationships

In this lesson, you'll learn how to build the right team for your brand and befriend vendors that value your business.

Lesson 3: Portfolio Building & Marketing

In this lesson, you'll learn how to create a strong portfolio and get your brand out there with social media.

Lesson 4: Client Management

In this lesson, you'll gain confidence needed to speak with clients and determine if they are right for you.

  • Welcome Letter
  • Event Design Welcome Letter
  • Lesson 5: The Client Consultation

In this lesson, you'll master strategies in upselling and maximizing value, for both you and your customer.

  • Bouquet Shapes
  • Flower Colors
  • Contract Template

Lesson 6: The Contract

In this lesson, you'll prepare client contracts that price fairly for your labor and protect you with terms and conditions from a "bridezilla"!

  • Contract Terms & Conditions

Lesson 7: The Final Consultation & Recipe Writing

In this lesson, you'll finalize the designs, and flowers, needed.

  • Production Contract
  • Sample Flower Order

Lesson 8: Our Daily Process

In this lesson, you'll master the Monday-Saturday schedule of every wedding week.

  • Daily Procedures
  • Supplies Checklist
  • Doctor Bucket Checklist
  • Processing Guide

Lesson 9: The Wedding Day

In this lesson, you'll get prepped and ready to go for the big day. No one is prepared for everything could go wrong, but this will get you as close as possible.

  • Event Run Sheet

Lesson 10: Cascading Bridal Bouquet

In this lesson, you'll watch Holly demonstrate how to build one of her world-renowned cascading bouquets.

Lesson 11: Bridesmaid Bouquet & Personal Flowers

In this lesson, you'll discover how to differentiate the maids' bouquets from the bride's, and how to profit on personals, like bouts and corsages.

Lesson 12: Designing with the Pillow

In this lesson, you'll see the benefits of working with the "pillow" (#foamfree container) from the designer who invented it.

Lesson 13: More Pillow Uses & Fall Flowers Grown at Hope

In this lesson, you'll discover more uses for the pillow and how to use beautiful fall flowers from the farm.

Lesson 14: Elevated Floating Design

In this lesson, you'll create a design with that overhead "hanging arrangement" look, even when you have nothing to hang from!

Lesson 15: Large Scale Tree Installation

In this lesson, you'll learn the mechanics and techniques to stun guests with a tabletop tree design. WOW them with that first look.

Lesson 16: Large Scale Installations

In this lesson, you'll uncover the secrets to engineering large-scale installations on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The course is designed so you can learn at your own pace. In fact, we specifically filmed this online course so we could help people who don't have time to travel to in person workshops.

Just one week, April 2-9! Being available to support purchasers and answer their questions is important to me, so the course is only available when I have time, and the busy wedding season starts in mid-April!

Probably. But, if so, the price will be higher. We are so excited about launching this course that we are offering it at a special introductory price on this round only.


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