Are you looking to build a brand that matches your design style and personality?

You’re talented, passionate, and creative, but the imagery on your website doesn’t reflect your style or your experience. You want your website to better Wellspring images and recipes help you introduce trend-forward designs to your retail market.

Are you an event designer looking to dip your toes into daily design work?

Wellspring images and recipes are an off-the-rack way to build a website for holidays, funeral work, and subscription services. Constructed from everyday staples, these upscale designs use palettes, shapes, and signature high-end blooms to appeal to modern clientele. Wellspring not only includes product and detail shots, but lifestyle photos that match your already established brand.

Do you have a website that already has its own custom designs?

Then you know how much of an investment it is to update your catalog. Wellspring is an instant website refresh without the labor and product required for photoshoots. The high-quality product imagery blends seamlessly with your current website, expanding your offerings of upscale design work at a fraction of the time and cost.

With Wellspring, you’ll get: 

  • Images that attract your ideal clientele

  • Increased average e-commerce sales

  • A stand-out, competitive web presence

Hi, We're Wellspring!

Holly Chapple

Holly is a world-renowned floral designer, educator, and influencer. She is known for her innovations, the “pillow” and the “egg” released with Syndicate Sales. She continues to teach and bring her famous “Holly-ish” touch to weddings in the Washington, DC and destination wedding markets.

Abby Chapple

Love of flowers must be genetic. Holly's daughter, Abby, worked alongside Holly, developing her own skill, passion, and an eye for design. After a stint in retail, she continued on to flower wholesale where she serves as Brand Manager for Potomac Floral Wholesale. Following the latest floral trends is her greatest hobby.

Abby Chick

Abby Chick has devoted her career to the retail floral market, including her own shop, Blakemore's Flowers in Harrisonburg, VA. Through her innovative style, continued education, and business acumen, she has turned her brick and mortar into not only a successful shop for daily work and funerals, but also an impressive event studio.

Our Mission

The Wellspring collaborators have long observed an absence of resources for designers seeking bespoke flower arrangement imagery and recipes for e-commerce. The true talent, taste, and originality of retail flower designers has not been reflected in the imagery available for their websites. Recognizing the significant resources – time, money, and energy – that would be required of each flower shop to rebrand and update their imagery, the Wellspring collaborators also saw an opportunity, and Wellspring was born. The intent of this project is to bring modern imagery and profitable recipes to the retail flower industry.

Wellspring: A Floral Lookbook

Wellspring 2020

  • Over 25 unique floral designs, with product, detail, and lifestyle shots
  • Images of each design, optimized for e-commerce websites and social media.
  • High resolution images of each design, intended for print items such as customer-facing flyers and lookbooks


Design Specifications Spreadsheet
  • Website-ready information for each design, including name, suggested retail price (SRP), product code, dimension, orientation, and description


Wellspring Lookbook
  • A stylized, customer-facing catalog
  • High resolution, printable
  • Phone and tablet compatible
Wellspring Workbook
  • An internal-use guide to the Wellspring designs
  • Images of each Wellspring design with corresponding recipe, product code, orientation, helpful hint, substitutions, occasions, placements
  • High resolution, printable
  • Phone and tablet compatible

Wellspring 2020 Catalog

A special Cyber Sale price!

One-time payment of $295.00, marked down from $395.00



Frequently Asked Questions

Your purchase is exclusive to the Wellspring 2020 edition and does not grant access to future catalogs. With over 25 designs, 200 images, and a florist workbook, this inaugural product is an amazing value.

Yes! This product is designed to be easy to use for anyone used to modifying their own website. With the Design Specification Spreadsheet, you can easily view and update your website with the information to match your images.

Yes! Flower Wire Services allow for the upload of customized/ unique imagery. The image types are compatible with Wire Service websites and the Design Specification Spreadsheet includes all information necessary for a product.

Then don't add it to your catalog! You pick and choose if and when you offer each design. We carefully created recipes based on readily-available blooms that could appeal to broad consumers, but at the end of the day, this is about you and is customizable to your sense of style.

Forever. Purchasers have lifetime access to the Wellspring 2020 product through their online Kajabi portal.

If we edit content or add new content to the Wellspring 2020 product in the future, you will automatically gain access to it.

Wellspring is only available via a one-time credit card payment of $395.00. Wellspring is not eligible for refunds.

For questions or comments, reach out to us at [email protected]


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