Alexandra Farm Certified Designer Certification - Garden Rose Expert Edition

Build a strong foundation of Garden Rose knowledge and learn how to design expertly with our Alexandra Farms Certified Designer Certification Program. After completion, you’ll be officially considered a garden rose expert!

What you'll get:

  • Chapter 1: What Is a Garden Rose?
  • Chapter 2: Breeders and Growers
  • Chapter 3: David Austin Wedding Roses
  • Chapter 4: Wabara Roses
  • Chapter 5: The Princess Collection
  • Chapter 6: Alexandra Farms Deluxe Garden Roses
  • Chapter 7: Rose Shape and Form
  • Chapter 8: The Alexandra Farms Logo
  • Chapter 9: Sustainability
  • Chapter 10: Care and Handling
  • Chapter 11: Color and Design (no test)
  • Chapter 12: Tools on the Website (no test)

How the Course Works

You will work through twelve chapters. You can access the curriculum online in both video and text format. The videos can be revisited at any time, and the text documents are available as illustrated PDFs. 

To progress to the next chapter, you must pass the chapter test—only for the first ten chapters. You may retake tests until you pass, and we’ll provide a PDF of useful info to help you study.

Why This Program Is for You

Garden roses are unique from other roses, and these beautiful blooms deserve customized care. With this program, you will learn all about this flower, from the history to varieties to the right anatomical vocabulary. You’ll gain confidence in caring for garden roses and arranging with them, as well as the knowledge of how to better choose garden roses—particularly, to make a positive impact on the world through sustainable floristry.

After completing the course, you will gain access to design recipes, special sales, early notification of new varieties, and the right to advertise yourself as a garden rose expert. We want to build a community where designers can support each other in their work with garden roses and stay up to date on the latest news from the world’s largest grower of garden roses, Alexandra Farms. 

What Our AFCD Students Are Saying:

This certification program has taught me many ways to explain to my clients why they should be interested in expanding their budgets to include David Austin Roses. It's also taught me many rose varieties I haven't seen before, why garden roses exist, and how to incorporate them into my designs.


I am learning so much from both a grower and a designer. It really is an in depth look into garden roses! Feeling more comfortable with a variety of garden roses will help me use them in all of our designs!


This course is unique and allows me a better knowledge and understanding of garden roses. They are even more precious for me now, and I'm really happy to be able to work with a such precious product!


This course was so interesting and well presented! I thought that I knew a lot about garden roses, but I learned so much more about these very special roses and Joey and Holly made it fun!


This Certification Program has answered many question I had about the origins, varieties available and sourcing of Garden Roses.


I am completely fascinated by the AFCD course! After just a few chapters, I've already learned information that has been helpful in our retail shop. The content is rich and so intriguing. The modules make it very easy to absorb the material. I love the dialogue between Joey & Holly and can't wait to continue through the program!!


The Alexandra Farms/Holly Chapple Flowers Certified Designer Program is a wonderful way to rethink what you think you know about garden roses. Alexandra Farms has gone above and beyond to offer education on the unique and special properties of these deluxe blooms, but in an approachable manner with a syllabus guaranteed to expand your rose horizons. Both teachers are engaging, creating a great environment to lock in and learn. Thank you Joey and Holly!


$497 USD

Please note in order to receive your Alexandra Farms Garden Roses and goodies, we will need your address and phone number for delivery. 

Also, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters because a lot of great information about garden roses will be sent to you. We promise never to share your information.

Alexandra Farms is able to ship garden rose stems anywhere in the United States. We are able to ship our roses to many places around the world, but we cannot guarantee delivery to every country. We will do everything we can to find a way to deliver the rose stems included in the course. If we are unable to ship to you, we will contact you and credit $200 of the course price back to you. 

The garden rose stems will be a mix of varieties based on availability at Alexandra Farms. We cannot take requests for varieties, colors, or any other qualities.

*Delivery not guaranteed to all countries. If we’re unable to deliver to your location, you will receive a partial credit. We cannot accept requests for garden rose varieties.

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