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Flowerstock is first and foremost a celebration of flowers and floral education. This year's Flowerstock will feature centerpiece and bouquet design education and paper flower making and flower watercoloring.

Flowerstock is also about taking stock of ourselves. We want flower professionals and flower lovers to thrive personally and professionally. That's why this year's Flowerstock will incorporate education from amazing experts on health, creativity, and business and life coaching.

The brainchild of Holly Heider Chapple, Flowerstock originated out of Holly's desire to connect with flower friends in a less formal setting and inspire creativity through a relaxed approach to floral design. Holly wanted others to enjoy the process and the beauty of design and remove the stress of the craft from the equation. With the promise of premier, one-of-a-kind floral education and a chance to dance the night away, people flocked to Holly's farm, Hope Flower Farm. The success of the event encouraged Holly to do it again, and as the event has grown in scope over the years, it has also grown in reputation--to include a Country Living Magazine feature story.

Although we cannot gather at Hope this year, there are silver linings to a virtual experience. We can make this the biggest and best Flowerstock yet and include more flower friends than ever before. Flower friends like you. See below for a list of educators, authors, and artists

Join us from the comfort of your home for the 5th annual Flowerstock and learn something new about flowers, and about your creative self. All education from October 16th was recorded and made available to you in your student portal for you to enjoy indefinitely.

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"I know times are tough and crazy right now, but after having my first love in a puff seedling come up, I felt compelled to message you and tell you how Flowerstock and your farm has changed my life. I never had been to a workshop or conference before, and when my friend asked me to go, I thought why not? I was a single mom to a daughter with autism but finally had a partner that could help take care of the kiddos if I was gone.
When I got to your farm it was peaceful, joyful and inspiring.  I was exposed to people soaking up all these things and it fired me up to not want to do the wedding factory type work that I had been doing and truly do work that inspired me. But what really made me think of you is my love in a puff plant that just crawled out of the seed tray to say hello. Just like you have your mom and dad in your garden, I feel I will have a little Holly and Flowerstock in mine.
It’s a year of discovery all inspired by your farm and the experience you gave me.  So with one flower you are cheering the world on, and with this one seed I cheer you on for everything you have done for the floral world."

"My journey with flowers has been a long one starting with working in my grandmother's greenhouse as a kid, studying Ikebana and bonsai during my years in Japan, and the pleasure of being a zone nine Gardner when I lived in Australia. Fast forward 25 years, I bought a house in Middleburg, VA in 2019 and discovered that the Holly Chapple who had invented the fabulous 'pillow' lived nearby in Waterford Va. I looked her up and found out about Flowerstock and decided to enroll as part of my vacation last October. That opportunity, where I thought I would be doing some casual flower arranging, introduced me to a world of new people who live and breathe flowers as part of their profession.

Even though I am not a professional florist, but rather a realtor, the opportunity to step away from my job and learn more about this wonderful world of flowers opened my eyes to so many new things. As a result of the 2 and 1/2 days I spent at Flowerstock, I made many new friends in the flower world, learned about wearables, new ways of making a bouquet, and being more confident as a home gardener.

Meeting Holly led to my signing up for the online flower course with Erin Benzekein at Floret that has taken me on a wonderful journey this summer starting my own garden in Middleburg. I think Holly‘s passion for flowers and her ability to teach is second to none, she is super generous with her time and her vision, and I look forward to learning more things this year on the virtual Flowerstock course. You can see the impact of these courses on my life if you check out @Conniecarterdc on Instagram. I highly recommend you sign up for Flowestock if you want to jump start or enhance your floral life.

So what's included in Flowerstock 2020?

Using a mix of recorded live sessions and pre-recorded sessions, we deliver more quality education than ever before. The live event was held on a single magical day, October 16th, and was captured to share with you. Additionally the separate pre-recorded education includes enough content to keep you learning for an additional day.

You'll be able to watch recordings of every live event and the pre-recorded content at your own pace and as many times as you'd like.


Instructor Line Up, Flowerstock 2020

Recorded Live Sessions

Holly Heider Chapple of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD

“Designing with the Holly Chapple Pillow”

Holly will be co-designing a compote flower arrangement with colleague and fellow Chapel Designer Jessica Hall. Holly will be using her signature pillow armature while Jessica designs with her flower pin mechanic product line, the Floral Genius. Both designers will be creating with blooms from Harmony Harvest Flower Farm. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase a bundle of flowers from Harmony Harvest and design along with Holly and Jessica.


Jessica Hall of Harmony Harvest 

“Designing with a Pin Holder Flower Frog”

Jessica will be designing in a Holly Chapple compote with a 3” pin holder flower frog. During the demonstration, Jessica will show the basics of designing with a flower frog and discuss how to create a light and airy look with stunning seasonal florals.


Christin Geall of Cultivated by Christin

“Behind-the-Scenes with Christin Geall”

In this forty-five minute demonstration, Christin Geall, the author of the new book Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style will work with seasonal flowers and foliage to create a statement piece suitable for an entranceway, bar, or still life. She’ll discuss color theory, plant selection, and the mechanics of foam-free design, whilst also guiding you through her process as a designer and photographer. Demonstration to be followed by Q&A.


Sarah Richardson of Leafy Couture

"Working with colour””

Sarah will create a bridal bouquet to inspire people to be bolder with choices of colour and texture and to show the tips she uses to choose her stems when planning arrangements. Sarah wants to empower people to go confidently in to creating really beautiful work. She will also show how to create beautiful floral flatlays to help with mindfulness and really embrace the joy of flowers.


Paulina Nieliwocki of Blue Jasmine Floral

“Loose and Natural Centerpiece Design”

Paulina will teach a wild and whimsical centerpiece design. Achieve harmony in color and create a natural shape, loaded with texture and movement for a loose yet luxe feel fit for any occasion.


Susan Mcleary

“Naturally styled autumnal arch”

Join Sue as she demonstrates her go-to methods for designing artful, layered, foam-free floral arches. She will also discuss her “9 floral layers,”  the rule of thirds, and the golden ratio, and how to easily apply these concepts to your work.


Leatrice Eiseman

"Live Q & A"

Is there any creative individual anywhere who isn’t fascinated by the amazing world of color?  Are you one of those “creatives” who can never learn enough about color?  Are there questions about this wonderful subject that you would love to ask a color expert?

This could be your opportunity to have one of your questions answered by our guest color expert, Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman.  She is the director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information & Training and the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Lee has written ten books on the subject. Join us for this rare opportunity to question this international color guru.


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Pre-recorded Sessions

Gregor Lersch of Gregor Lersch Design

Step into the world of Gregor Lersch and learn how to create an extraordinary armature out of birch and twig. The design is asymmetrical and perfect as a table decoration. Once completed the structure can be refilled time and time again with fresh flowers. Get out your tool box and join in, this class will teach you true craftsmanship. This is the first session of a five part course that is available via the Hope Flower Farm online school. Gregor is a master florist and, quite frankly, one of the most prestigious designers in the world. Gregor's classes include incredible knowledge in regards to botanical material, color, shape, and form.


Sarah Simon of The Mint Gardener

Have you ever wanted to learn beautiful watercolor techniques? Sarah Simon of The Mint Gardener has partnered with our Flowerstock event to bring you a special edition of watercolor, gouache and how to add these painting skills to your paper flowers!

Knowing where to begin with a skill is often a struggle. Sarah dispels every insecurity and invites you to play - all while mixing her famous 'magic paint sauce.' Watercolor can be the most relaxing and mindful painting escape that leaves one centered and peaceful, recharged and creative. Watch colors swirl, be inspired, and begin your watercolor.


Quynh Nguyen of Pink and Posey

“Learn how to make romantic garden roses with The Mint Gardener x Pink and Posey”

Sarah Simon of The Mint Gardener and Quynh Nguyen of Pink and Posey will guide you step by step with our in depth video tutorials, plus PDF and SVG petal and foliage templates will be available for you to download.  We'll show you how to use two types of crepe papers plus how to color and form garden roses petals and its foliage. And don't fret!  We've developed an easy method to paint and form your rose petals. Anyone from beginner to expert will love this DIY project!  After you’ve created one, you won’t be able to stop. An entire rose garden can sprout from your mantelpiece as a stunning piece of home decor that will look fantastic year round.


Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers Society

"A Bouquet of Words: Develop Your Creative Vocabulary to Enhance Your Personal Storytelling and Brand Message"

A Bouquet of Words helps you dig deep into the most powerful marketing resource available to you: YOU and YOUR STORY.

Think about it. There are so many copycat businesses and lookalike designs. The only way to stand out and differentiate yourself is to tell your story -- it is unique to you, your aesthetic, your experience, your point of view.

You believe that you have something great to offer the world and that it will create incredible value for many. You are determined to bring it to life by dedicating your time, your resources, your finances, and your very life to making it a reality. When you can name that "essential something," you are well on your way to being a floral storyteller who uses creativity to express and embody your brand.

Your writing and storytelling muscles may feel a bit out of shape but you will be energized by a series of creative exercises, inspired by the garden, nature and flowers. Debra will give you the confidence to put pen to paper to express the following through your own uniquely personal lens:

  • Describing botanical palette, texture, form
  • Color language
  • Sensory descriptors
  • Metaphor and simile
  • Garden memoir


Carlene Thomas of Healthfully Ever After

"Additive Wellness"

Registered Dietician Nutritionist and cookbook author Carlene Thomas taught at Flowerstock 2019, and she returns to this Flowerstock to share her perspective on what we can add to our lives to improve our health. Most diets and wellness plans focus on what you have to cut out of your life, but in this session Carlene shares 10 wellness additions for your life and her three basic truths about wellness for entrepreneurs.


Julie Tobi of J. Eliza Creative

"Let Go of the Stories Holding You Back"

Julie is a life coach with a focus on fulfillment in career and life. She wants the people she works with to love what they do with their time. In this lesson, Julie shares concepts, methods, and strategies that will help you increase fulfillment in your work and get in touch with the soul of your business or passion. Julie is the person that helped our Flowerstock host, Holly Chapple, realize that she could go anywhere she wanted with her career, so she invited her to teach at Flowerstock 2019 and is welcoming her again for Flowerstock 2020.


Jacob Eastham of Thinkerton Agency

"Let Your Creativity Bloom"

Jacob wants to be your creative thinking personal trainer. He has been working with governments, nonprofits, and individuals for over a decade to help people uncover their creative abilities. Jacob believes people are creative not because of what they do, but how they think, and in this lesson you will be given easy-to-use tools to enable creative problem solving in your personal and professional life.


Megan Pollard of We Choose Joy

"4 Steps to Building a Motivated and Empowered Team"

Megan works with business owners and companies to help them empower their teams, streamline processes, and elevate the customer experience. In this course, she gives you 4 easy steps to help you motivate and empower your team to succeed. In the last year, Megan has been instrumental to the survival and success of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD. That's why we invited her to teach at Flowerstock 2019, and why we're including her education in Flowerstock 2020.


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