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"On "Creating 'Hollyish' Floral Designs": Thank you for the wonderful tips! I appreciate this online seminar so much and cannot wait to incorporate these mechanics!"

Rachel Bond

"Larissa Meade on "Video - Hollyish Designs"... “WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much to Holly and team for producing this wonderful instructional Tutorial. This is an amazing opportunity for those of us to learn your treasured “Hollyish” Mechanics, especially for those of us that are not able to attend your personal teaching session on the Farm. Im excited to put your method into action this weekend."

Larissa Meade

"On "Gathered & Styled": I'm so glad I invested in the online course! It's given me confidence and been a source of inspiration!! Holly is a flower hero and shares her knowledge graciously. I sing her praises to every designer I meet. I would love to see universities teaching floral design incorporate this into their curriculum! I'm not sure I've ever had such a thorough explanation on the value of our services and how to price accordingly. Kudos for raising the bar!!"

Elycia Feldman
Wild Blossoms Studio

""I absolutely LOVE Gathered & Styled. Holly and Evan filled this course to the brim with the most valuable and pertinent information possible. They take you behind the scenes of their business and share EVERYTHING about how they work with their clients and run their business--all the while teaching it in a way that is comfortable and lighthearted, like sitting down for coffee with friends. Gathered + Styled is worth its weight in gold. I've been in the business for close to 20 years and learned so much from the course! ""

Tiffany Landuyt
Studio Bloom Iowa

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